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Electronic discovery, or eDiscovery, is the process used to collect electronic data that is used as evidence in a court case. Emails, text messages, instant messages, file shares, media posts, voicemails and any other data that can be captured and stored electronically falls under the heading of eDiscovery. Electronic data discovery is a significant resource in a world that is driven by technology, with most organizations now relying on this method of creating and storing for the majority of their data. Globanet can help you prepare eDiscovery file shares, emails and more for those times when your electronic data is requested.

Globanet is a leading eDiscovery Solutions provider.

Most of today’s court proceedings are accompanied by motions to discover electronic data. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are just one example of the numerous regulations in place today requiring organizations to maintain data properly so that it is accessible if requested during a legal proceeding. Our electronic discovery service assists those business organizations that are not equipped to maintain their data in the manner required. The cost of electronic discovery is growing as more organizations must find ediscovery preparing solutions that will help them meet the demands of the legal system.

The eDiscovery Market

The growing number of requests for electronic discovery service demands to be addressed. The ediscovery software market is growing at the compounding annual rate of 14%, according to Gartner, Inc., while being estimated it will reach $1.7 billion by the year 2014. The amount of information that is out there is growing by unprecedented margins while more stringent corporate governance and information classification requirements continue to drive the costs of information services and discovery processes. For many of these organizations that are affected by these increasing costs, bringing some phases of their ediscovery in-house offers ediscovery preparing solutions that also give them more control while simplifying their processes and making them more efficient.

What to do Before an eDiscovery Request

The first thing to do to prepare for a request for electronic data discovery is to have a plan in place and stick to it. This is the only solution that will help you prevent paying significant fines or sanctions during a legal proceeding. This is the most important thing to do and it is the minimal action you should take. When a request for ediscovery is made, the organization must be ready to respond quickly.

As the request for electronic discovery continues to grow, comprehensive archiving solutions are also becoming a standard for all types of organizations. Your archiving solution should have the capabilities to capture all electronic data as well as a fast and simple way of searching and retrieving what is requested. In order to respond appropriately to an ediscovery request, legal hold features and data export capabilities are essential.

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