Veritas Clearwell eDiscovery

The standard for enterprise-class electronic discovery.

This application is a remarkably effective platform for the entire electronic discovery lifecycle.  With Clearwell, your team can manage all aspects of a matter from a central solution, while reducing the complexity, risk and expense of its ediscovery efforts.  The platform enables government, business and legal professionals to manage all of their regulatory, investigative and legal matters within a central, user-friendly application.

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Veritas eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell

Key Benefits

  • Repeatable and Defensible Preservation: Clearwell's legal hold capability enables corporate legal and IT teams to issue and manage legal hold notifications from beginning to end, and provides detailed reporting to show that the preservation process is sound.
  • Less Data to Review with Effective Searching: Brings enormous data sets down to more manageable sizes, so organizations can review more relevant documents. Also allows users to strategically cull and filter data by an astonishing 90 percent.
  • Increased Visibility into Matters: Accelerated early case assessments grant users instant visibility into key case facts and projected case costs early in the process.
  • Lower Costs with Integrated Workflow: Seamless handoffs (processing to analysis to review and production) eliminate costly data migrations across multiple, unrelated tools.
  • Defensibility: Thorough reporting, auditing and case management capabilities to monitor case progress in real-time.


Clearwell eDiscovery Platform

In Action

Processing Stage

  • Perform multiple query searches with query reporting
  • Pinpoint all custodians in possession of critical data with automated analytics/processing
  • Uncover hidden code or project names with natural language algorithms
  • Group metadata field search results through auto-filter technology

Analysis Stage

  • Develop the facts of a matter with advanced analysis by groups, topics or discussion threads
  • Sample and filter privileged documents for review in real-time
  • Hit search terms within over 400 file messages and attachments types
  • Filter entire data corpus up to 90%

Review Stage

  • Review documents by document detail, header or snippet using multiple review modes
  • Swift data tagging for responsiveness and privilege
  • System administrator can monitor review productivity in real time

Production Stage

  • Legal teams can create production sets using the same folder features used in the review process
  • Custom labeling provided with automated sequential bates stamping
  • Rolling batch production support at any point in the ediscovery process
  • Users able to produce documents in native, image, and mixed mode formats

Clearwell was ranked as the Leader in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Gartner, Inc. E-Discovery Magic Quadrant.

Clearwell eDiscovery


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