Veritas Enterprise

Email & Data Archiving in the cloud has never been easier
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Veritas Enterprise is designed to help companies of all sizes address the challenges of mailbox management, email continuity, legal discovery and regulatory compliance, with the ease and efficiency of a purely hosted service. With zero hardware and little to no software to manage or plug-ins to install, Enterprise offers a low upfront investment that requires minimal maintenance while delivering a fast and intuitive user experience. You get all this and more for a predictable and flat service fee.

Globanet is a value added reseller of Veritas Enterprise

Key Benefits

  • Little to no hardware, software or plug-ins to install and maintain
  • Low upfront investment and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Flat fee per mailbox, per month, including service upgrades

Additional benefits include:

Mailbox Management

  • Improved server performance & reduced backup windows
  • Rapid email access & retrieval
  • No mailbox size limits for end users

eDiscovery Preparedness

  • Store and index every email, attachment, IM and BlackBerry® message (SMS text, PIN-to-PIN, call log) in a searchable, online repository
  • Accelerate legal discovery and HR inquiries with real-time search and retrieval and multiple export capabilities
  • Enforce email preservation for lawsuits/legal holds, and protect attorney-client privileged communications

Email Continuity

  • Stay protected from on-premise disasters
  • Reduce the risk of losing data generated since your last backup was performed
  • Achieve rapid recovery


To learn more, read the data sheet or contact us to schedule a demo.