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All-New Merge1 Website

Globanet is set to launch an all-new website dedicated to Merge1 in the coming days.

The new site will be a resource for enterprises looking to learn more about how Merge1 can help with archiving communications for compliance and eDiscovery. 

Compliance and eDiscovery archiving tool Globanet Merge1 v6.0 to launch next week with a new look, added features and more horsepower under the hood

The Globanet Merge1TM archiving compliance and eDiscovery tool provides users with a new and improved archiving experience.  

Featuring a new web-based user interface, the all-new Merge1 will combine enhanced administrator management and audit functionality that provide an organization more transparency and control over its data archiving. 

Merge1 v6.0 Highlights:

Globanet Announces Bloomberg Vault Compatibility

Globanet™, a leading developer and reseller of email archive migration, compliance and eDiscovery solutions, announced today the latest version of Globanet Merge1 Cloud supports Bloomberg Vault as a destination archive. Bloomberg Vault, (developed and offered by Bloomberg Finance L.P.) is a secure managed service for information governance, data analytics and trade reconstruction across the enterprise. Globanet Merge1 Cloud, captures data from a variety of messaging platforms including instant messages, text messages and social media communications. Once the data is captured, Globanet Merge1 Cloud filters, tags and converts data into a supported format for a variety of target archives which now includes Bloomberg Vault.

President Says National Archives Must Archive Everything

So, do you think that only the financial sector is required to capture and archive email, messaging and social media? Think again.

The federal government does not need to “enact” to impact information control, retention, capture and archiving practices of all companies in all industry sectors. As we have seen in the recent administrations – and pick whatever party you prefer – an executive order or even a presidential memorandum can carry the weight of full-blown legislation.