Standardize Format

Globanet Merge1 is a universal ingestion engine that gathers and consolidates various forms of electronic communication your organization produces for insertion into Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, Lotus Domino, Veritas Enterprise Vault, Veritas Enterprise and many other preferred archive or mail solutions. Globanet Merge1 enables companies to reach higher levels of compliance, archiving and eDiscovery capabilities by allowing them to store, protect and discover information that was otherwise unavailable. Globanet Merge1 is one product with multiple solutions that is simple and easy to use through one pane of glass. In addition to handling multiple message types, Globanet Merge1 is modular and customizable, and offers extensive filtering capabilities.

Each data type sustains its own connector that plugs itself into the source, which transfers the information through filters to be placed into a target. The target can then place each item into separate repositories for classification and detection. Each connector has its own workflow that retrieves electronic communications for collection and storage purposes.

An important feature of Globanet Merge1 is the ability to filter messages as they are being imported. The product UI allows each user to redirect converted items into different targets based upon filtering criteria. Currently, Globanet Merge1 supports filtering based on e-mail addresses, account numbers and LDAP directory entries. However, the modular design of Globanet Merge1 allows for rapid development of new filters based on varying requirements.