Electronic Discovery

Reduce Cost and Risk with our eDiscovery Services!

The eDiscovery management solutions from Globanet are equally effective to help all sizes of enterprises and government customers who are looking for ways to improve their processes while reducing costs and risk. Our eDiscovery service also ensures their internal ediscovery practices are defensible. Veritas’s Clearwell E-Discovery Platform is an industry leading platform which offers several valuable tools. Customers can streamline their ediscovery process by organizing and analyzing massive volumes of information that has been electronically stored. Our services also include implementation, managed services and customized workflow development. Globanet offers a wide range of eDiscovery management solutions for ediscovery email, ediscovery social media, ediscovery voicemails and more.

Globanet eDiscovery Services

Globanet provides a complete range of services which support the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform:

  • Managed services for active matters, which could include case setup, search assistance and early case assessment
  • Implementation services that allow you to install and configure sources needed to enable the gathering of data and indexing it
  • Workflow configuration services which define workflows and user roles while enabling specific individuals to perform the duties specified. These services also configure settings and permissions which support litigation as well as compliance review processes.
  • Proof of concept services to ingest and analyze data that is inactive in order to determine and quantify whether there are any immediate benefits with a Clearwell deployment.

Reducing Costs and Risk of eDiscovery

According to the current growth of the current ediscovery software market and the current rates of expansion, more companies are looking for the eDiscovery service that will address the increasing costs while also giving them more control. Growth is currently at a compound annual rate of 14 % with estimations that it will climb to $1.7 billion by the year 2014 as reported by Gartner, Inc. this growth is due to unprecedented rates in information growth and increasing stringent corporate governance in addition to requirements for information classification. As more companies are looking for ways to bring phases of ediscovery in-house such as ediscovery email, ediscovery social media and ediscovery voicemails, Globanet is ready to help them improve their efficiencies, simplify process, reduce costs and gain control through our ediscovery services.

Globanet can help. To learn more, see our Clearwell eDiscovery page.  Also, please feel free to contact us or request a quote.