Data Archiving Solutions - Archive Data with Globanet

Archiving Your Data is Good Business

In the past, only businesses that were based in highly regulated industries, such as Healthcare, Financial Services and Energy, were concerned with archiving their data. Today, all types of companies rely on their data and need to have good archiving solutions to protect it. Companies need both archiving and backup solutions to afford their data the degree of protection needed from all types of risk. While backups are typically used for disaster recovery, archiving data provides numerous benefits. In addition to retention, ediscovery and compliance, archiving can also be used for continuity needs, business intelligence and mailbox management. 

Globanet delivers and deploys industry-leading archive systems and solutions for organizations worldwide. With a vast skill set and large team of archiving experts and engineers, Globanet is a specialized Microsoft and Veritas partner.  Globanet is a Veritas Platinum Partner with Master Specialization in Archiving and eDiscovery, and a Microsoft Silver Application Development Partner.  

We are the first Veritas Enterprise Vault consultancy and reseller in North America, and sustain a vast knowledgbase working with Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365 (O365).

Archiving valuable data in the form of electronic communications is pertinent to every business. The following are different types of data that businesses and organizations archive today, but the number continues to grow.  

Globanet allows organizations to archive the following data types and more:

  • Text messages
  • Email correspondence
  • Social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Instant messages (IM)
  • Files, including email attachments and file sharing sources (SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, etc.)
  • BlackBerry SMS and pin-to-pin messages, and call logs
  • Thomson Reuters and Bloomberg messages

When electronic data is archived, it is placed in a central repository for security, storage, compliance, eDiscovery and more. Important features include comprehensive discovery functionality and easy retrieval of data when needed.  Contact Globanet to learn more and help you with your information management preferences.


  • Ability to set specific retention periods for defensible deletion
  • Ability to comply with various rules and regulations
  • Ability to reduce risk and protect corporate property in the workplace
  • Ability to easily access and discover information when requested
  • Ability to intregrate various software solutions for Legal, Compliance, Operations, HR and IT
  • Ability to secure and manage information with ease of use


Globanet's archiving services offer professional on-site or remote support to meet every organizations needs. Globanet will work with you and your team to proof the correct solution and project manage set directives.  All Globanet solutions are quality-assured with an experienced professional services team.

To inquire about Globanet archiving solutions and services, please contact us or request a quote.