Cloud Enablement Service

Move Company Data to the Cloud

More and more companies are making the move to managed cloud services as it proves to offer a wide range of solutions that help organizations meet their goals. Initially, there were few organizations that bought into the idea of using data consolidation solutions that hadn’t been tried and proven. However, within the last two years, more organizations have found that the services offered by cloud storage providers offer them a number of advantages. Since there are various applications available through the cloud, finding those that apply to each organization’s needs can be beneficial.

More Industries are Moving to the Cloud

  • While collaboration and email applications require a significant infrastructure when kept on the premises, moving to the cloud does not
  • You eliminate the need for specialized engineers that have skills that are difficult to find
  • You need applications to be available 24/7, for 365 days a year to function in a global marketplace
  • The need for ready access of information in real time

Benefits of Using our Cloud Computing Services for Moving Email and Collaboration Services to the Cloud

  • Predictable costs
  • Ease of deployment
  • 24–7–365 support
  • Scalability
  • Skilled resources to manage the solution

Get Your Archives to the Cloud with Globanet's Cloud Enablement Service

Our Cloud Enablement Service can give your organization the confidence you need for migrating to the cloud. With more than 10 years of experience as performing migrations using Enterprise Vault from Veritas, we are responsible for migrating hundreds of terabytes of data into the on-premise solution. Our propriety migration technology includes a variety of benefits that make us a good choice for your cloud storage providers. These include:

  • Performance tuning capabilities
  • Shortcut healing options
  • Full chain of custody
  • Detailed success, failure and error reporting
  • Fast migration speeds

Read the Globanet Cloud Enablement Service whitepaper to learn more about Globanet’s managed cloud services.  Please feel free to contact us or request a quote