Globanet provides data archiving services for small to large enterprises within all industries. Globanet is an information management solution provider with a large team of data archiving experts.

Globanet Classify allows for management of archived items based on changes to any Enterprise Vault indexable attribute. You can delete items en masse from multiple archives following complex rule sets. Organizations have the ability to delete items granularly without having to do an intensive restore, analysis or deletion of an entire archive, risking data loss.

The eDiscovery management solutions from Globanet are equally effective to help all sizes of enterprises and government customers who are looking for ways to improve their processes while reducing costs and risk. Our eDiscovery service also ensures their internal ediscovery practices are defensible.

The first step in any data migration project is data collection. With so many disparate electronic data sources, this is often easier said than done. Most organizations have valuable data housed in email, instant messages (IM), text messages, social media posts, file sharing systems and more. In order to upgrade systems or move to new ones, it's imperative to have an easy and affordable way to collect and consolidate all of that data into a single database of records.

In this age of Big Data, companies looking to switch or upgrade their systems face a very daunting task. Between the amount of intellectual property housed in data and the various regulations required to maintain it, safely migrating data to new solutions is more critical than ever. Unfortunately, many companies remain in less-than-ideal solutions because they believe the risk of migrating to a new system is just too great. But that's not the case

Globanet provides data migration services that give you the freedom to move archived emails to a number of new platforms, on-premise or in the cloud. Whether you are looking to move your current email archives into Enterprise Vault, move Enterprise Vault across hardware or bring your email data in-house from a hosted email provider, Globanet

Globanet provides ediscovery products and services to small and large enterprises as well as government customers that help them improve processes, reduce costs and risks, and ensure the defensibility of internal ediscovery practices. The industry-leading Clearwell E-Discovery Platform from Veritas enables customers to streamline the ediscovery process by efficiently organizing and analyzing large volumes of electronically stored information. Globanet also offers customers a range of ediscovery services including implementation, customized workflow development and managed services.

Globanet provides various Veritas Enterprise Vault services, and was the first certified Enterprise Vault consultancy in North America (1999). Since then, Globanet has successfully  carried out over 2,500 Enterprise Vault projects, assisting clients of various sizes in a wide range of industries. Globanet has also developed a comprehensive, powerful and unique set of Enterprise Vault extensions and add-ons.

SEC  & FINRA  Compliance solutions for organizations that need to adhere with various regulations.

The Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool is specially designed to ensure a quality inspection of Veritas Enterprise Vault, and quickly enable organizations to optimize the performance and health of the archive(s).

Globanet Balance allows organizations to reduce their journaling to just a single set of centralized or regional journal mailboxes without multiple journal mailboxes and archiving tasks in each location. The solution redistributes journal mail in a round-robin fashion, allowing messages for all users to be evenly distributed into a centralized mailbox set.