Social Media Compliance Archiving

The explosion of social media in the workplace has produced its own dilemmas that organizations regularly encounter in today’s modern age of rapid publication and news. Compliance officers, directors, managers and administrators alike face the challenge of allowing their employees to utilize various social media platforms, while expecting them to uphold ethical responsibilities. Having to rely on human behavior without concrete knowledge is a recipe for disaster in the compliance realm. When an organization installs Globanet Merge1 social media connectors, they are no longer relying on expectations, but proving facts based upon content retrieval.

Businesses looking to secure a place in the digital marketplace know having a presence in the social media arena is a must.  Globanet leverages the ability to capture all of your organization's social media and consolidate it into one convenient archive.  You choose only the feeds you want to capture from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Salesforce Chatter, Yammer and more. Globanet Merge1 provides the most effective solution to unify your businesses social media messaging in an intelligent and structured form.

Popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Chatter and Yammer, are great vehicles for electronic communication, but they are also liable and regulated by normal and standard procedures that can be requested upon for internal or external investigation. The ability to connect to social media platforms via Globanet Merge1 provides organizations with security and peace of mind that business related information would not fall through the cracks. Securing, storing and discovering messages are fundamental to compliance practices that organizations can sometimes overlook. When a company needs to protect itself from allegations or lawsuits, the functionality qualities of Globanet Merge1 can save them time and money.

Globanet Merge1 will empower an organization’s compliance and information technology department by placing more information into their archive and enabling eDiscovery of selected items. Legal Departments will also benefit by captured social media communications for their own counsel and practice. As companies, government entities and enterprises grow within the information age, the safety and transparency of data is ever evolving, as is the superior technology of Globanet Merge1.