Media Coverage

Lawtech News article on Globanet Merge1.   Click on the link above to view Lawtech News' coverage of Globanet Merge1 entitled "Globanet's Merge1 Expands Collection to New Media, Citing FRCP Rules' Impact on Discovery."  The piece covers how eDiscovery and information governance platforms like Merge1 move to expand their collection tools.  
Please click the link below to listen to Globanet CEO, Sevag Ajemian, provide an overview of the company's products and services.  This podcast is brought to you by the Veritas Corporation. Globanet Podcast by Veritas
Featured article by Sam Elbeck, Sr. Director of Business Development and Client Services, Globanet Over the last decade, we have witnessed the inception and evolution of the archiving industry. The year 1999 marked the unofficial start of the archiving industry, when just a few software companies began competing to provide these solutions. The development of the archiving industry was spurred by some notable events: compliance regulations that required organizations to keep electronic data for mandatory durations; explosive growth in electronic data; the need for controlled and predictable storage costs, and the need to accurately discover against electronically stored data.  Please click link below to view featured article.
Globanet's Sr. Director of Business Development and Client Services, Sam Elbeck, authored this article on optimizing the sales-professional relationship published in PSVillage. Click here to read the article.
Globanet's Information Governance Strategist, Michael Swarz, authored this predictive coding article published in the American Bar Association's eDiscovery and Digital Evidence Committee Journal.  Click here to read the article.   
Globanet's Director of Product Management, Jackie Ervin, was interviewed for this ACEDS podcast on data archiving and migration trends.  Click here to listen to the podcast.
Globanet's Director of Information Governance and General Counsel, Shannon Smith, was featured in the Los Angeles Daily Journal.