Globanet Merge1

Globanet Merge1 captures a wide variety of content sources, including Bloomberg, Reuters, BlackBerry SMS/Pin-to-Pin and social media (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Chatter, Yammer and more). An API-based product, Globanet Merge1 is an affordable, user friendly way to merge all of your company's data streams into a single database of records of text-based transactions.

Globanet Classify

Globanet Classify allows for management of archived items based on changes to any Enterprise Vault indexable attribute. You can delete items en masse from multiple archives following complex rule sets. Organizations have the ability to delete items granularly without having to do an intensive restore, analysis or deletion of an entire archive, risking data loss.

Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool

The Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool is specially designed to ensure a quality inspection of Symantec Enterprise Vault, and quickly enable organizations to optimize the performance and health of the archive(s).

Globanet Balance

Globanet Balance(patent pending)allows organizations to reduce their journaling to just a single set of centralized or regional journal mailboxes without multiple journal mailboxes and archiving tasks in each location. The solution redistributes journal mail in a round-robin fashion, allowing messages for all users to be evenly distributed into a centralized mailbox set.

Globanet Migrate

Globanet Migrate is a data migration software application that eliminates risks by enabling administrators to migrate data while safely maintaining chain of custody. It allows organizations to migrate data from a variety of information sources into—or within—Symantec Enterprise Vault, Enterprise, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office 365 and other archive and mail platforms. Globanet Migrate also enhances existing archive functionality for each organization.