Adept-tec is a Veritas Silver Partner with Master Specialization in Archiving and e-Discovery. Adept-tec specialize in providing professional services around the Enterprise Vault product suite  - from pre-sales, initial design and analysis, to implementation and data migration. As well as providing business critical support during emergency situations and resolving highly complex technical issues, Adept-tec provides world-class training for Enterprise Vault. The combination of extensive in-the-field experience and a professional approach ensures Adept-tec delivers appropriate, high quality solutions and services to their clients.

"Globanet Merge1 has allowed us to greatly extend the archiving capabilities of our customers to provide a flexible solution towards modern archiving requirements.  Our customers appreciate the fact that new electronic feeds such as Lync, Twitter and Facebook require capture as well as the more traditional forms of data such as file and email. Being able to easily expand the Globanet Merge1 framework to accommodate new data sources, whilst being archiving platform agnostic is a big win for our customers, who are secure in the knowledge that their future archiving needs can be covered, whichever archiving platform they decide to use."

- Jeff Shotton, Director of Technical Support for Adept-Tec