Globanet Feeds Bloomberg, Blackberry SMS and Pin-to-Pin, Skytel, MindAlign, and FaceTime IM data into Veritas Enterprise Vault

Feeds Bloomberg, Blackberry SMS and Pin-to-Pin, Skytel, MindAlign, and FaceTime IM data into Veritas Enterprise Vault

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK – September 23, 2008 – GLOBANET, an established leader in software and solutions for financial industry regulatory compliance, announced today the latest release of it’s text messaging archival software, Merge1 version 2.0. A snap-in module which works in conjunction with Veritas’s Enterprise Vault, Merge1 archives unstructured data into Enterprise Vault from the following sources: Bloomberg, Blackberry SMS and Pin-to-Pin.Skytel, MindAlign, and FaceTime IM.

As the financial industry faces the daunting task of reducing legal risk while disparate data platforms and devices multiply, Globanet provides a simple yet powerful solution in Merge1 v2.0. It is quick and easy to install and use yet provides unparalleled performance as it unites disparate data sources into one centralized, consolidated archive allowing for streamlined search and recovery processes.

“In order to meet demand, Globanet accelerated it’s production schedule to include support for more data types directly out-of-box instead of through custom development,” noted CEO, Sevag Ajemian, “This allows us to streamline implementation and lower the total cost of ownership for our clients.”

Merge1 was originally developed over two years ago when a prominent Fortune 500 company partnered with Globanet to develop software to collect data from several sources and legacy networks and feed it into Veritas’s Enterprise Vault. Since Globanet architects had already developed a similar tool to collect data from Bloomberg, it rapidly redeveloped it into a generic engine that could then be easily customized to support any data type.

About Globanet

Globanet is a leading provider of email archive migration, compliance and eDiscovery solutions. Founded in 1996, the company is a pioneer in email archive migration and intelligent information governance and has developed a portfolio of enterprise software products to help organizations manage data from creation to expiry. Globanet’s proprietary solutions include the Globanet Merge1 message capture platform and Globanet Migrate data migration software. Globanet also provides a broad range of professional services including policy and solution design, installation, configuration, email archive migrations, custom add-ons and project-based eDiscovery consulting.  Globanet is a multi-level certified partner of leading archive providers including Veritas and Microsoft.

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