Globanet Breaks Speed Barriers with Centera Migration Solution

Globanet Centera Migrate moves hundreds of Centera terabytes at record pace

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2015 -- Globanet™, a leading developer and reseller of data migration, archiving, compliance and eDiscovery solutions, announced today that its Globanet Centera Migrate product has now been clocked at migration speeds of over 1TB a day in production runs --- on just one server.  The solution scaled tremendously to migrate hundreds of Terabytes of data in a fraction of time compared to other migration solutions.

Globanet Centera Migrate is a data migration software application that was developed to address many of the challenges associated with migrating Centera based data.   The product’s average speed is approximately 10 times faster than a typical Centera archive migration, and the whole process is completed with real-time transparency. Globanet Centera Migrate takes advantage of the parallelism of the EMC Centera architecture to increase the performance and speed of the migration while avoiding challenges. 

Sam Elbeck, VP of Business Development and Client services remarked, “Globanet, a leader in data migrations for the past 10 years, has used many different solutions for migrations, but none have come close to actual speeds of 1TB per day per server.  Globanet Centera Migrate’s multi-threaded time-based runs defy speed barriers and enable organizations who have Centeras to be free to move to any storage platform they desire at an affordable price point.”

Key Product Benefits:

1. Application Independent -Globanet Centera Migrate is not dependent on any application information as it migrates data straight from an EMC Centera platform to an alternate archival environment – of your choice – eliminating the need to rely on the application to extract data.

2. Application Aware - Globanet Centera Migrate is application aware rather than application dependent and is customized to migrate data from various archival solutions in the correct format, creating a more seamless migration process.

3. Speed - Globanet Centera Migrate is 10 times faster than a typical Centera archive migration, which decreases both migration time and cost.

4. Flexibility - Globanet Centera Migrate is capable of migrating regular file data to a new storage location. Its built-in filtering technologies allow for the migration of specific data as well.

5. Ease of Use – Globanet Centera Migrate adjusts to client needs, whether a customer wants a turnkey solution or an internal solution.

6. Reporting – Globanet Centera Migrate provides many reporting features including chain of custody reports ensuring that all items on the Centera are accounted for during the migration process and can be generated in real time.

Added Elbeck “We have also seen these increased speeds during migrations from existing archiving solutions that use Centera as the backend storage.  Many organizations that have archiving solutions today started off by putting them on Centera solutions which were among the first WORM (write once read many) solutions on the market at the time.  Since then there have been many advances in storage technologies and there are many other storage platforms that organizations are looking to migrate to but are unable because it is cost prohibitive or can take an extraordinary amount of time.”  

Globanet Centera Migrate solves this problem and allows organizations to migrate off of Centera platforms to a solution of their choice; may it be IBM storage, Netapp, Hitachi or even another EMC solution.  Globanet Centera Migrate is storage agnostic and gives the customers the power to make the choice that meets their technical and business requirements.

Pricing Availability

Globanet Centera Migrate is priced by volume of data to migrate.  For more information or a quote please contact a Globanet Sales Representative at Sales@Globanet.Com or (888) 427-5505.  Globanet Centera Migrate is now available. 

About Globanet

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