Globanet Awarded Patent For Exchange Journaling Software

With propiertary intelligent load-balancing, Globanet Balance lowers hardware costs, maximizes efficiencies and improves search capabilities without unnecessary duplicates

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Globanet™, a leading developer and reseller of data migration, archiving, compliance and eDiscovery solutions, proudly announces that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted U.S. Patent No. 9,185,059 for its Globanet Balance™ product.

The patent, titled “Management of Journaling Destinations”, is a load balancing technology invention that enables enterprise-level IT departments to improve archive performance, reduce backlog and eliminate duplicate messages/indexes across their journaling mailboxes.

Globanet Balance simplifies Exchange journaling in two ways.  First, complicated journaling policy configurations, such as per-store journaling, can be replaced with a single journaling policy.  Secondly, journaling traffic is distributed across the infrastructure in a balanced and efficient manner. This process keeps journal mailbox volumes lower and, importantly, eliminates the creation of duplicates.

Remarked Sevag Ajemian, President and CEO at Globanet, “This patent enables businesses with large email volumes to conquer the shortcomings inherent in Exchange journaling. The software alleviates unnecessary duplication, namely when multiple recipients of a message are mapped to different journaling mailboxes, which invariably results in increased storage costs.  With Globanet Balance, our clients reduce the complexities of their Exchange journaling by as much as 80%.”

The Globanet Balance user-interface provides real-time load tracking along with a log of all events to simplify the management of an organization’s email journaling. For companies with extensive regulatory or other retention requirements, Globanet Balance is a centralized source of reports to verify compliance.

Pricing & Availability

Globanet Balance is available today.  A trial version is available for organizations that want to evaluate the benefits of a significantly reduced journaling infrastructure.  For more information or a product demonstration contact a Globanet Sales Representative at Sales@Globanet.Com or (888) 427-5505. 

About Globanet

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