Globanet Announces the Release of Globanet Data Migration Suite (GDMS)

Offering Solutions Across Markets for Migration of Archived Data

LOS ANGELES and NEW YORK – October 22, 2008 – GLOBANET, an established leader in software and solutions for Enterprise Vault, announced today the latest release of its Globanet Data Migration Suite (GDMS).

Globanet’s Data Migration Suite includes software tools which allow for the migration of multiple different data types into Veritas’s Enterprise Vault. GDMS will provide customers across markets with a seamless method of migrating data from their existing archiving solution to Enterprise Vault while maintaining transparency to end users.

From January 2008, Globanet has been approached by Fortune 500 customers, Financial Institutions, and Healthcare Providers to complete a data migration service. Globanet partnered with Veritas to provide Data Migration Services, specifically for Iron Mountain data extraction, at a large Northeast Financial Firm prior to this official announcement. In addition, Globanet was awarded, in October 2008, a comprehensive data migration project at a large trading exchange in New York City.

With customers across markets migrating to Veritas’s Enterprise Vault, the demand for a thorough data migration solution has increased. Globanet has met this demand by producing the necessary tool set, which, in addition to the most experienced team of engineers, has provided a proven and affordable solution to market. Globanet has successfully completed the testing and quality assurance required for an official release of all products under the Globanet Data Migration Suite.

With a combination of services and products, Globanet provides a timely and accurate migration of data from a customer’s existing email archiving platform to Veritas’s Enterprise Vault, to other email archiving systems, across hardware, or from a third party. As one of Globanet’s customer’s stated, “Globanet’s quick response time, exceptional support, and expertise in Enterprise Vault, influenced our final decision to choose them as a partner for a multi-phased data migration project from our existing services to Veritas’s Enterprise Vault.”

“Globanet’s Data Migration Suite will continue to evolve to support the growing demand of multiple data types and migration requests. We are now working on AXS-One to Enterprise Vault and other platform migration tools to enhance the suite” said CEO, Sevag Ajemian.

About Globanet

Globanet is a leading provider of email archive migration, compliance and eDiscovery solutions. Founded in 1996, the company is a pioneer in email archive migration and intelligent information governance and has developed a portfolio of enterprise software products to help organizations manage data from creation to expiry. Globanet’s proprietary solutions include the Globanet Merge1 message capture platform and Globanet Migrate data migration software. Globanet also provides a broad range of professional services including policy and solution design, installation, configuration, email archive migrations, custom add-ons and project-based eDiscovery consulting.  Globanet is a multi-level certified partner of leading archive providers including Veritas and Microsoft.

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