Email Archive Migrations to Microsoft Office 365

Move to the cloud Microsoft Office 365 Migration

Globanet Migrate is an industry leading software application designed for the specific purpose of reliably and efficiently migrating archived data. This fully managed software solution provides the most comprehensive offering for organizations of all sizes to migrate on-premise and cloud-hosted archived email data directly into Microsoft Office 365 (O365) with unrivalled data fidelity.

Why Office 365?

It has become a necessity for many organizations to move their email archives from an on-premise email environment to a cloud-based solution, such as Office 365. Reasons may include: a change in archiving requirements, displacing legacy hardware or software, adoption of SaaS based offerings, or corporate reorganizations. Regardless of the reason, for organizations looking to successfully move their email archives to Office 365, Globanet provides a quick transition to the cloud that is secure, dependable and with zero downtime.

Globanet Experience

Our aim is to achieve the highest standard of excellence in helping your business meet your entire objective for your data migration. Globanet’s industry certified software engineers have used Globanet Migrate software to expertly move hundreds of thousands of mailboxes across archiving platforms. We provide a fully managed end-to-end solution that seamlessly transfers large volumes of your organization’s legacy email archives quickly and reliably at the most cost effective levels available. With the widest array of options and more than 15 years of experience in deploying email migrations that are business specific, Globanet Migrate is the product of choice when it comes to transitioning email archives to Office 365.

Archive Analysis

Our team of consultants will work side by side with you to determine your organization’s specific requirements, creating a roadmap for your migration in advance to help make even the largest scale migrations organized, efficient and manageable.  Globanet provides a pre-migration evaluation of your organization’s archives. We help to determine the exact criteria that is important for your organization to use during your migration whether it be based on file size, type, date range, or any other parameters, thereby reducing the risk of data loss by archiving your email ahead of time.

Managing Your Time Frames

We work with you to meet your goals based on your timeline to deliver an expedient migration. Our software engineers have successfully assisted numerous organizations in quick migrations of their email archive to Office 365. The expertise of our technicians and the effectiveness of Globanet Migrate software confirm the protection of your data throughout the migration process.

Fully Compliant                                        

Globanet Migrate provides a fully audited, business compliant migration while maintaining your email archive data integrity with complete chain of custody. Our industry experts provide unique insights and helpful solutions that mitigate the risks of costly data loss and setbacks relating to legal discovery and regulatory violations.

Custom Solutions

Globanet provides the availability of tailored API and SDK tools for the support of third party connectors. With innovative solutions such as Globanet Migrate and the most experienced resources we are able to successfully perform migrations to and from a considerable list of archive types. Our proficiency in effectively deploying migrations from virtually any root source to the Microsoft Office 365 platform allows us to succeed where other migration offerings fall short.