Email Archive Data Migrations for Microsoft Exchange

If you are planning a move from a third party email archive platform to Microsoft Exchange personal archives, Globanet can expertly assist you in the transition. The combination of Globanet’s knowledge of the Exchange platform and the expertise of our engineers enable us perform email archive migrations that are reliable, timely, and deliver professional results based on your organization’s requirements.

What is Globanet Migrate?

Globanet Migrate is our proprietary application that allows legacy email archives to be seamlessly migrated to the latest email platforms, such as Microsoft Exchange 2013.  Our migration software transitions email archives of any type to the newest Exchange environment with zero business impact on end users.

How Does It Work In Conjunction With Microsoft Exchange?

Migrating email, especially archived email data, is a demanding task requiring the exactness and precision that Globanet delivers. Globanet Migrate works in concert with Exchange to provide an end-to-end solution that enables organizations to ingest large volumes of legacy archived data directly into and out of Microsoft Exchange, including Exchange Personal archives, while delivering it in a timely and safe manner.

How does your Business Benefit?

Organizations planning a switch to a hosted Exchange environment or a new higher capacity Exchange server enjoy lower costs, higher flexibility, and increased functionality. Globanet Migrate leverages your existing MS Exchange architecture to provide you with a choice that is both integrated and economical. We provide organizations with solutions that can address crucial productivity and storage challenges, facilitating a better return on investment (ROI) for your business by streamlining your overall migration plan. Our offering includes in depth reporting, a complete chain of custody and full audit trail. Globanet Migrate intelligently moves data with speed and efficiency, mitigating any type of loss, while saving your organization valuable time and expense.

Why is Globanet the Company to choose for Microsoft Exchange migrations?

Globanet specializes in on-premise and hosted Exchange migrations, and has literally migrated thousands of Exchange mailboxes. Whether it is a remote or on site migration, our Microsoft Exchange Server experts provide innovative, best in class solutions that are unrivalled in the industry. We work side by side with you to keep your migration timeline and budget within your requirements. Globanet Migrate provides the highest level of data integrity for your organization’s legacy email migration.