Instant & Text Message Compliance Archiving

Globanet Merge1 allows organizations to collect and archive text and instant messages

The popularity of instant and text messaging for business purposes in and out of the workplace has increased to the point that these communication methods have become a quintessential mode of communicating for the labor force around the world. With all of the advantages that instant messaging platforms provide us, many businesses are sustaining a high level of risk due to not being able to discover discussions and content created by employees and customers. Globanet Merge1 enables the processing of electronically dispersed instant message from various sources and Blackberry text messages. The information is then stored and protected within an organization’s selected archive via Globanet Merge1. The ability to capture and secure correspondence produced by employees and customers is vital to the transparency and compliance procedures of each organization.

Globanet Merge1 delivers the archiving and compliance solution for your mobile workforce. Communications are captured from mobile devices including Blackberry. Once messages are captured and archived, you can utilize a variety of search and reporting capabilities. From a single location, you can perform repeated or one time e-discovery searches, as well as review and compile data to meet a variety of legal and compliance obligations.

Globanet Merge1 supports Microsoft Lync Server 2013 and Microsoft Lync Online

A common use case for Globanet Merge1 would be to obtain instant messages created within Microsoft Lync. Microsoft Lync is a widely popular unified communications platform for enterprise level corporations. It allows business individuals to connect with their colleagues and customers everywhere, even on mobile devices. Millions of people across the globe everyday use Microsoft Lync. With real-time unified communications, thousands upon thousands of instant messages are produced on a regular basis. Such messages contain pertinent business critical information, and therefore are subject to the same rules and regulations that other, more traditional types of communication, such as email, are.

Most archive solutions cannot acquire access to Microsoft Lync instant messages without a message capture product like Globanet Merge1. There are numerous compliance advantages gained by using Globanet Merge1 to archive Lync content. The value gained by utilizing Globanet Merge1 lies within its ability to insert a variety of electronic communications into an archive that would not have been otherwise available. Globanet Merge1 improves the significance of the archive and its return on investment.

Microsoft Lync has native archiving features that are built into its framework; however, they pose restrictive limitations, problems and challenges that can be solved with the implementation of Globanet Merge1. See this data sheet for more information.