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Do Businesses Need To Have A Text Message Archive?

Why do companies need to have a text message archive? Most organizations have failed to archive their business text messages which can have disastrous consequences. It is necessary for your business text messages to be archived.

The right answer to the question; is that, archiving company text messages is vital for the security and reputation of every enterprise. Both for personal use and business communication, text messages have become a constant feature in modern communication.

With the high rate of mobile devices used in businesses today, it is even more advisable that the mobile communication data created and sent by those devices in your organization are archived.

However, organizations must be made aware of the risks involved regarding employees who utilize their devices for company interests, as a result of the increased adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. With the BYOD policies these days, knowledgeable enterprises protect themselves and their interests by adopting mobile device policies that include certain requirements for archiving electronic communication data (such as MMS, BBM, SMS Messages, and Email).

These policies do not only provide protection, but rather clarify the boundaries for the management of the data. Also, your employees understand how to prevent workplace abuse, because they adhere to the organization's policies.

It is the full responsibility of each agency to adopt the act of archiving their electronic communication data. The archiving of an agencies mobile communication data including SMS, MMS, BBM, text messages, has become a must have in any IT environment, just as email archiving has become so compulsory in every organization.

For instance, an organization with a solid message archiving solution in place will find it easier and quicker for to have access to saved text messages that might be asked for as a public records request. It is important to know that archiving your business text messages is not a mistake.

It is not only States that do have special archiving requirements for business organizations and government agencies, but there are also several Federal Compliance regulations involved.

The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure made it in such a way that, it is the organization's duty to preserve all Electronic Stored Information.

There are arguably more stringent regulations regarding the retention of electronic communication data if you are operating a business in a federally regulated industry like healthcare, financial or legal services.

So many people might be wondering how they can archive their enterprise text messages, having known its usefulness. This is simply not difficult, all that is needed is to install a great archiving solution, and increase your current email archiving software to include mobile text message data.

By doing this, all your electronic communication data will be stored in a particularly central location. However, when needed, it will be quickly and easily searched and exported.

Benefits of a Unified Archive

There are many advantages accustomed to utilizing a unified archive such as Retain with both mobile and email data management.


- Web Access Viewer

From any web-enabled device, there is an easy administrator or end user access to your text message and email archives.

- Administration Cost Is Less

Here, you can manage just a system.

- One Centralized Archive

Here, you have all data in a single database, as such, they are not separated into different machines throughout your organization.


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