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The nature of email archive migrations can be difficult, but Globanet can make them much easier for you and yourEmail Archive Migrations organization.  Globanet has been a founding leader in the email archive migration space since 1996, providing assisted and full service migrations to organizations across all verticals – including, but not limited to, healthcare, financial, education and government.  Globanet has successfully migrated thousands of terabytes of email archive data with full chain of custody, performance and validation reporting using the Globanet Migrate product.  When huge volumes of data need to be transferred to a new platform and users need uninterrupted access to their digital files, Globanet is the premier solution provider of choice.

Whether your Information Technology (IT), Legal or Procurement Department requires the organization’s email archives to be moved to a different on-premise or cloud-based archive solution, Globanet products are engineered to handle the most complex and intricate data migration requirements.  Over the past 15 years, the Globanet professional services team has achieved exemplary results with large volume email archive migrations across the globe.  The team is comprised of seasoned engineers, architects, project managers and support specialists who work closely with each client to ensure a seamless migration with zero impact to daily operations.  Time, speed and cost are key components when conducting an email archive migration, all of which Globanet accounts for in providing your organization an optimal solution and experience.

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Effective and Efficient Email Archive Migrations

Preserving and protecting your email records during a company reorganization, merger, acquisition or platform upgrade are imperative to the future of your business.  From a regulatory, compliance and data security perspective, your organization needs to be well prepared to execute upon time sensitive requirements.  When the time comes, your organization can depend on Globanet’s email archive migration services.  When conducting an audit – whether it is an internal or external investigation that requires electronic discovery, you will not have to worry about the items migrated, as Globanet includes a chain of custody report for all migrated email data.

Globanet’s unique methodology to email archive migrations provides a comprehensive and well-informed client experience.  Globanet’s software developers and engineers work together to optimize the migration process through an experienced and detailed approach. Globanet can provide numerous advantages to email archive migration customers. Request a quote or contact us today to discuss your email archive migration requirements with a local Globanet representative. 

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