Globanet Merge1 Cloud

Cloud-Based Messaging and Social Media Capture Platform

Social media. Instant messaging. Mobile texts.

Businesses today are using a myriad of non-email messaging platforms to communicate internally and externally. Recent studies have shown that approximately 70% of professionals utilize IM or text messages while conducting business.

Capturing this unstructured messaging data is not just prudent and good practice, for many regulated industries, it’s absolutely required by law.

Capturing unstructured messaging data with Globanet Merge1 Cloud is secure, scalable, customizable and easy to implement. In fact, it was designed to be the most flexible message capture platform on the market.


  • Scalable SaaS Architecture and SaaS Pricing
  • SaaS Model for Easy Implementation
  • Support for the Most Popular Message Types

How it Works

The powerful Globanet Merge1 Cloud engine captures messages from popular messaging platforms, including Twitter, Yammer, Chatter ( and Jive. The messaging data is converted and routed for ingestion into the customer’s archive of choice. Once archived, the messaging data is ready to be indexed, searched and otherwise prepared for a future eDiscovery action or regulatory investigation.

To learn more, read the data sheet or request a quote for pricing information.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Features and Benefits Scalable SaaS Architecture - Eliminates the need for on premise hardware and provisioning, reducing IT management time and expenses. Speed and performance are continually optimized by Globanet.
  • SaaS Pricing - Follows traditional SaaS pricing models of a per seat month cost. Only pay for what you use, which helps optimize your IT spend.
  • Popular Message Types - Handles a wide array of popular messaging platforms including Twitter, Yammer, Chatter ( and Jive. Globanet Merge1 Cloud ‘future-proofs’ the organization by providing flexible options for changes in messaging diversity or changes to selected messaging platforms.
  • Online Dashboard - Allows dynamic control and monitoring of messaging settings, including filtering, access to reports, and enabling support staff access as deemed necessary.
  • Archive Agnostic - Route messages to any archive, anywhere. The target archive can be in the cloud or an on-premise/co-located server.
  • Flexible Filtering - Filter and archive data based on the organizations specific needs. Globanet Merge1 Cloud’s filtering features allows capture of conversations based on custom criteria, such as date, length of session, and account name, so only on the data that is most pertinent to eDiscovery and compliance needs is captured.
  • Data Management - Messages are sent to the designated archive in a searchable format to improve productivity and reduce risk of accidental (or deliberate) deletion.
  • Rich Reporting - Gain instant access to a broad range of reports detailing key information such as total message quantity and storage size by messaging type.
  • Seamless Updates - Globanet is fully engaged with messaging providers to stay ‘ahead of the curve’ when there are changes to messaging platforms or formats. Updates are handled seamlessly behind the scenes for complete customer peace of mind.
  • Easy Customization - Online wizard allows for easy setup and configuration. Also enables customers to easily add message types as required.