Dark Data Assessments

The Globanet Dark Data Assessment utilizes industry-leading Veritas Data Insight, a tool that analyzes file metadata to provide actionable intelligence to users.  It will scan a Windows File Server without using an agent and is minimally invasive to your environment.

With the Globanet Dark Data Assessment our experts will assess your environment.  Using pre-configured virtual machines that can the added to your environment or installed on local servers, Globanet will: 

1. Identify the target data you want to analyze—The target file server that you plan on scanning needs to be identified in advance as a valid login with the ‘read’ privileges required.
2. Scan the file server—Data Insight collects analytics about the target data including metadata and permissions information.
3. Report on the findings—The assessment is summarized in reports that shine a light on aged data, file type consumption, inactive data, and user/group permissions. The Globanet Dark Data Assessment enables decisions that reduce storage costs and risk.
This assessment pinpoints data at-risk, classifies data for retention/retrieval and optimizes storage.
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