Custom Needs

Globanet Merge1 is a highly customizable messaging capture platform. Its flexibility allows customers to easily import custom formats with small changes to filter files. Once the solution is implemented, each organization can take advantage of customizing the product according to specific needs. If a current content source is not supported within the platform, Globanet can build a new connector to fit your needs. Each connector is licensed separately, so you only only pay for what you need. Simply contact Globanet or an authorized reseller partner, and begin capturing a wide variety of unstructured data from different content sources.

Globanet caters to your organization’s specialized demands.  We are very experienced in tailoring unique custom requests to effectively meet company goals. Globanet Merge1 is a dynamic application that allows your organization to archive custom messaging types with the same ease and efficiency as more conventional messaging formats.  Whether it is a unique messaging type or an in house messaging format that is specific to your business, Globanet Merge1 can ingest and archive it easily. Globanet’s certified team of engineers and software developers excel in producing customized solutions to meet your organization’s needs.

Numerous data sources, such as Blackberry and Thomson Reuters, were developed through custom projects by customer request. Globanet sustains agility and a high level of talent in software development that makes us the compliance and archiving solution provider of choice. Along with the ability to build custom connectors to collect messages from unique data types, Globanet Merge1 has the ability to make your job easier by adding highly customizable filter settings. Its custom capabilities include the ability to add metadata tags to the captured files in order to pinpoint data by type or category within your preferred archive or mail solution.

Simplicity and flexibility are built-in to the product to make your job easier. Custom connectors are available upon request and require agreement by Globanet. New connectors are continuously added to Globanet Merge1 in order to meet unique customer needs.