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The Fastest and Most Efficient EMC Centera Data Migration Software

Many organizations that currently use the EMC Centera storage platform are looking to migrate to storage technologies that are more suitable for their organization's requirements. However, extracting Centera based data can be challenging, time consuming and costly because the data is considered 'Locked-In'. Globanet Centera Migrate removes these obstacles and is able to securely and efficiently migrate Centera based data to and from various archives. Globanet Centera Migrate is designed to migrate archive data off of the EMC Centera platform seamlessly, easily, efficiently and fast!

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Seamless Centera Migration Tool Removes Obstacles

Globanet Centera Migrate is a data migration software application that was developed to address many of the challenges associated with migrating Centera based data. Its average speed is 10x faster than a typical Centera archive migration, and the whole process is completed with real-time transparency. Globanet Centera Migrate takes advantage of the parallelism of the EMC Centera architecture to increase the performance and speed of the migration while avoiding challenges. 

  1. Remove Platform Dependency - Data can now be copied directly off the Centera platform to the location of your choice to meet the organization's storage requirement needs and preferences.
  2. End Maintenance Fees - Globanet Centera Migrate eliminates the need to keep Centera hardware around, which removes the need to pay unnecessary storage and maintenance fees. Organizations no longer have to worry about moving sensitive data, which incurs unnecessary costs.
  3. Reduce Cost and Time - Globanet methodologies allow organizations to migrate EMC Centera data affordably with virtually zero down time. Organizations no longer have to associate Centera migrations with high cost and significant time commitment.
  4. Support from Experts - Globanet's archiving expertise makes EMC Centera data migrations seamless for all organizations choosing to move to a different platform. Our engineers and experts are able to circumvent additional obstacles, such as file sharing, that arise during the migration process. As an organization that has conducted thousands of migrations, our team is able to ensure that Globanet Centera Migrate will perform at an optimal level.

How It Works

Globanet Centera Migrate leverages the parallelism of the Centera architecture and possesses unique features that enhance speed and reliability.


  1. Performance - Globanet Centera Migrate has a multi-threaded architecture designed specifically for scalability and speed.
  2. Reporting - Complete migration auditing is done for each individual migrated item, and robust reporting supports compliance purposes.
  3. Veritas Enterprise Vault and EMC SourceOne Aware - Globanet Centera Migrate has the unique ability to migrate Veritas Enterprise Vault data with or without collections enabled on the EMC Centera platform. It is able to migrate data between old and new versions of Enterprise Vault without re-ingestion.  EMC SourceOne data can be migrated to another storage device with the folder structure intact.
  4. Monitoring - Monitor the migration process through the product user-interface (UI) and gain clear insight on how the migration is operating.

The Migration Process

Different migration solutions accomplish data migrations in different ways, but most migrations follow a standard methodology:

  1. Phase 1: A connection is established to the data that will be migrated.
  2. Phase 2: A connection is established to the target location that the data will be migrated to.
  3. Phase 3: Data to be migrated is identified.
  4. Phase 4: A mapping phase is conducted to make sure that the data moves to the correct location.
  5. Phase 5: A test is done to ensure validity, accuracy and benchmarking.
  6. Phase 6: The production migration commences.

Although this process seems simple, significant heartache and frustration will result from using the wrong solution or services for the migration process.  As an organization that has conducted thousands of data migrations, Globanet is comprised of seasoned experts with a continually expanding knowledge base. Our organization's advantage stems from the fact that we provide both migration software and migration services. Our field engineers work directly with our developers to produce best in class tools and solutions that are relevant to current customer needs.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. Application Independent - Many applications were not designed for mass export, which causes inefficiencies and inaccuracy when migrating data. Globanet Centera Migrate is not dependent on any application information. Our solution will migrate data straight from the EMC Centera platform to an alternate archival environment, eliminating the need to rely on the application to extract the data.
  2. Application Aware - Globanet Centera Migrate is application aware rather than application dependent. Globanet Centera Migrate is customized to migrate data from these solutions in the correct format, creating a more seamless migration process.
  3. Speed - Globanet Centera Migrate is 10x faster than a typical Centera archive migration, which decreases both time and cost.
  4. Scalability - Globanet experts are able to balance existing infrastructures with the expectations and needs of the migration. Our migration professionals will ensure that the correct hardware is in place to prevent any impact on activities outside of the migration.
  5. Flexibility - Globanet Centera Migrate is capable of migrating regular file data to a new storage location. Its built in filtering technologies allow for the migration of specific data as well.
  6. Ease of Use - Our software is easy to use, which allows us to provide different delivery models. Globanet is able to adjust to customer needs, whether a customer wants a turnkey solution or an internal solution. Globanet can handle the entire migration process or train customer engineers to conduct the migration. Our support team is on-call with 24x5 time availability should a customer need assistance.


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