Expunge, Delete, Erase? What Language Does My Archiving System Speak Again?

Archiving systems often focus so much on ingesting and retaining data that features like data extraction are left behind. There is one feature of an archive that is often overlooked even further—the ability to selectively expire data based on very specific criteria. Granted, archiving systems can expire data based on some specified retention policy, but many organizations would like—and often need—to go further than this. Perhaps they need to erase specific emails from employees that have fallen off of a custodian compliance list or remove data that has been accidentally archived.

How GARP Can Help Reduce ESI Volume and eDiscovery Costs

Many recordkeeping policies already adhere to the generally accepted recordkeeping principles, also known as GARP®, as discussed in my previous blog post. But GARP is not intended for use as an all-encompassing checklist when creating or evaluating a recordkeeping program—it should be used as a guide in creating a recordkeeping program that is customized to an organization's specific needs. For example, a heavily regulated organization may want to focus its recordkeeping program on the Compliance and Integrity Principles of GARP.


With the push for new technology to help organizations reduce the cost, time and effort spent on e-discovery, it is important to go back to the basics and focus on solid recordkeeping programs and practices. There is no question that archiving and e-discovery tools are essential to an organization's management of its ever growing electronically stored information (ESI). However, the usefulness of these tools lies in a foundation of an established recordkeeping program.

New Company, Great New Challenge

Today is a fantastic day! It's my first day working for Globanet. After three-and-a-half years as chief technologist at TransVault Software, having built a multi-product portfolio from a single product and increased project delivery from a handful to hundreds of customers, I was ready to take on a new challenge. Globanet really interested me as a company to work with because of its extensive product set, including innovative solutions like GEM and Merge1. In my new role as director of product development, I will focus on building our technologies and new OEM and partner relationships.

Information Governance on CIO Agenda for 2012

With expected continued growth of information within most organizations, IT executives continue to grapple with managing the organizations most valuable asset

Looking Ahead at 2012

It's hard to believe that 2011 is over. It was an electrifying year, not only for Globanet but for the industry at large and the trends that occurred last year have put in place a wealth of opportunities for those who wish to seize them.