Specialized Requirements? Sure, We Can Do That!

Here at Globanet, we offer a wide array of services and products around Veritas Enterprise Vault and Microsoft Exchange. However, since the very early years of Globanet's formation, we have also been offering custom development for customers with specialized requirements as well as for some of our partners.

You sent that 5 MB attachment to all 5,000 employees?!

Data proliferation and duplication, particularly in the case of email, is huge. The “fan-out factor,” as is it called, is the number of recipients that each email message in an organization typically goes to on average. For some organizations, a typical fan-out factor is 2.5–3, indicating the number of recipients for an average mail (either in the To:, Cc: or Bcc: lines) is typically two or three people. However, things get more complicated when distribution lists are involved – the fan-out factor quickly grows exponentially based on the nature of the lists.

Legal Hold Musings and Call for Action

First, let’s quickly review the basics. A legal hold compels a business to preserve all forms of relevant information when litigation or regulatory action is reasonably anticipated. The process traditionally starts with a tailored notice from legal to suspend normal retention and destruction policies for particular custodians. This ensures that relevant data is not altered and company personnel are aware of all data preservation obligations in the face of regulatory action or litigation.

Is Your Website Putting Your Business in the Best Light?

As the old adage goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Your website is your brand ambassador and often the first impression prospects get of your business.

  • Does it clearly communicate what you do?
  • Is it eye-catching without being cluttered?
  • Is it easy to navigate and find information?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it might be time to give your website an extreme makeover.

Break It Down: Identifying eDiscovery Costs by Task

It is well established that ediscovery costs continue to rise, and Gartner, Inc. estimates the market to grow to $1.5 Billion by 2013 (“Magic Quadrant for E-Discovery Software” by Debra Logan, John Bace, May 13, 2011). A recent study by the Rand Institute for Civil Justice, “Where the Money Goes: Understanding Litigant Expenditures for Producing Electronic Discovery,” addressed the cost of producing electronic documents.

NetBackup 6.5 End of Support Announcement Hastens Move to 7.x

It’s been with us since late summer of 2007 and has served us well but it’s time to say goodbye to Netbackup 6.5. In 2009 Veritas had announced that version 6.5 will reach end of support on October 3rd 2012. Of course looking at this alert back in 2009 it was easy to dismiss.  Netbackup 6.5 was a solid product and support calls were most likely far and few between for most deployments. Hence, putting this announcement on the back burner wasn’t a big issue.

Just How Many Credit Cards Do You Hold?

Many archiving systems on the market—including Veritas Enterprise Vault—now have some great solutions in place to identify and manage data meeting specific sensitive criteria. For example, let’s look at Data Classification Services (DCS). DCS is a great addition to the Enterprise Vault suite and easily categorizes data matching specific patterns, criteria and rules.

Globanet CEO, Sevag Ajemian, Selected for TechAmerica Foundation's Big Data Commission

We are thrilled to announce that Sevag Ajemian, Globanet's president and CEO, has been selected to serve as a commissioner for TechAmerica Foundation's Big Data Commission. This is a prestigious honor, and we look forward to the good work the Commission will publish in September.

My Index Hides Your Secret

When implementing any data migration or ingestion project, the most important things to have in place are audit functionality, chain of custody, error management and reporting. That’s the case whether data is being pulled from social feeds, such as Facebook or LinkedIn; financial feeds, like Bloomberg or Reuters; or archiving systems, like EMC EmailXtender or Autonomy EAS. It's interesting to often see customers and partners very concerned with the features offered around data migration solutions—but what about the data itself? How do you know you are actually getting all of the data?

NetBackup Appliances

One of the more compelling obstacles to overcome when protecting a large enterprise is the ability to backup massive amounts of data within a relatively small window of time. Over the last decade, we have seen exponential data growth year after year within the enterprise. We have seen corporate growth, as remote offices are added and disaster recovery requirements, where SLAs have gone from 24-hour full recovery to a matter of hours.