Preparing for Email Volume Growth with Globanet Cloud Enablement Services

Companies in many markets are recognizing the advantages offered by cloud-based applications and storage. This has driven an increase in the adoption of cloud-based email and archiving services.  In fact, a 2013 survey found a 15% increase in the use of cloud-based storage over the 2012 adoption levels. However, successful migration of data from on-premise archives such as Veritas Enterprise Vault to cloud-based storage, such as Enterprise, requires specialized software and the support of experienced experts to reduce impact on daily business operations.

Top 3 Benefits of Defensible Data Deletion for Companies

By employing defensible data deletion as part of a comprehensive data retention plan, organizations can reap tremendous benefits. The use of Archiving and eDiscovery solutions is key to achieve defensible deletion goals. Globanet products and services provide reporting and deletion of items in archives that is critical for your company.

Why Globanet Classify?

Organized Data:

There are multiple reasons why an organization might require data classification technology, including data retention and compliance verification. Globanet Classify is designed to meet those requirements for companies or agencies with legacy data stored in Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV). Globanet Classify identifies data that is stored in EV according to user-defined parameters, generates reports of its findings, then categorizes and/or deletes the data.

Globanet Merge1 - The Social Connector

Consolidated Storage - 

Globanet Invited to Moderate at ILTA Century City Data Archiving Roundtable

Miguel Ortiz (Globanet eDiscovery Specialist) will moderate and lead a roundtable discussion on data archiving best practices and trends at the International Legal Technology Association for the Century City Chapter October 2013 meeting.

Health Checks; Prevent Disasters Before They Happen

At our company’s last health benefit coverage meeting, I learned something that I never really thought about before.  Over the past few years, health insurance companies have been providing full coverage for preventative care physician visits. The reason is quite simple - if we proactively monitor our health, the chances of us catching any minor health issues that can result in major health issues down the road are greatly reduced; saving a lot of money for the insurance carrier and heartache for the insured.

Spoliation Sanctions Across The Nation

Spoliation is the withholding, destruction of evidence, whether intentional or negligent.  What happens when electronically stored information (ESI) is destroyed? Spoliation sanctions can vary from monetary fines, negative inferences instructions to a jury and terminating sanctions.

There is no way to know how a court will rule when a party is found to have engaged in evidence spoliation.  Recent court cases from around the country illustrate how spoliation sanctions can vary.

Phil Favro to Speak at Santa Barbara County Bar Association on behalf of Globanet

Globanet is pleased to share that industry luminary Phil Favro will present our popular Information Governance and Downstream eDiscovery talk at the upcoming Santa Barbara County Bar Association September 2013 meeting.