Banking Technology Selects Merge1 for Regulatory Compliance Award

Globanet Merge1 has been recently selected for a 2016 Banking Technology Readers’ Choice Award.  A broad group of international financial services and banking professionals selected Merge1 to win Banking Technology's Best Regulations and Compliance System/Service award.

Memo from Our CTO: Merge1 Enables Flexible Archiving So You Can Choose Any Archive You Wish

Reflecting back on my almost ten years with Globanet, one thing I have noticed consistently is that our customers’ requirements evolve over time, and these changes can kick off projects to replace their archive solutions with new ones that meet their new requirements where the previous solutions did not. 

With this in mind, I felt it was important to ensure that no matter which archiving solution our customers decide to adopt – whether for compliance, eDiscovery or other Info Governance efforts – their third-party data collection would not be impacted.   

How Do You Keep Up with a Fast-Growing, Innovative Company Like Symphony? The Answer: Innovate.

Backed by 15 major financial institutions, Symphony is one of the fastest-growing enterprise Instant Messaging and Collaboration platforms on the market.

Not only is Symphony a fast-growing service, but it’s also innovative.  Constant feature updates to its communication service is the norm.  In fact, Symphony releases new features nearly every month.

While the roll-out of new features is beneficial to Symphony end users, this makes it challenging for Symphony technology partners to keep up.

Globanet Merge1 Is Compatible with Veritas Enterprise Vault 12

Why Veritas Enterprise Vault 12 Is Worth Adopting

Earlier in 2016, Veritas launched Enterprise Vault 12, which is designed to enhance your archiving capabilities.

Compliance and eDiscovery archiving tool Globanet Merge1 v6.0 to launch next week with a new look, added features and more horsepower under the hood

The Globanet Merge1TM archiving compliance and eDiscovery tool provides users with a new and improved archiving experience.  

Featuring a new web-based user interface, the all-new Merge1 will combine enhanced administrator management and audit functionality that provide an organization more transparency and control over its data archiving. 

Merge1 v6.0 Highlights:

Top 6 features from our upcoming Globanet Merge1 release

Globanet Merge1™ is a message capture tool that helps organizations archive their workforce’s non-email based communications.  Globanet Merge1 captures IM, text, social media collaboration and financial messages consolidating them into industry-leading on premise and cloud archives, including Veritas Enterprise Vault and Microsoft Office 365.  

We’ll soon be announcing the product’s latest – and most comprehensive – release yet.  What do we have in store next for Globanet Merge1? 

Want to Have a Smooth Migration? Try a Staggered Approach.

A client recently challenged us to move over 5 TBs worth of emails, which had been archived on-prem, to a cloud-based email platform.


One of the key project requirements the client gave us was: 

"Avoid the need for my end users to search for their emails in duplicate locations"


Archiving for compliance doesn’t just pertain to email anymore- it now involves archiving communications from various platforms used by a workforce, such as social media, instant messaging, financial messaging and social collaboration platforms. These new communication mediums have developed so extensively in recent years that the Government has expanded regulations to accommodate their growth.

Enterprise Vault 12 Easy Upgrade Program by Globanet

Veritas launched Enterprise Vault 12 on February 1, 2016. This latest version of Enterprise Vault (EV) puts a strong focus on data classification for improved retention of data, to better meet regulatory compliance, eDiscovery and data management requirements.

Here are the Top 6 Features & Benefits we see in EV 12:

Network World Spotlights Globanet Balance!

Globanet is honored and pleased to share that its patented Globanet Balance product has been selected for inclusion in the Network World Products of the Week slideshow this week.  The Network World product slideshow provides a snapshot of products of interest and value to its readers by focusing on key features.