Why Globanet Classify?

Organized Data:

There are multiple reasons why an organization might require data classification technology, including data retention and compliance verification. Globanet Classify is designed to meet those requirements for companies or agencies with legacy data stored in Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV). Globanet Classify identifies data that is stored in EV according to user-defined parameters, generates reports of its findings, then categorizes and/or deletes the data.

The initial step to data identification is search, and the Globanet Classify search feature includes all of the search functionality that is native to EV. Users can apply multiple search criteria against any indexed attribute of the files. Results can be pinpointed based on the metadata, the content of the files, or Boolean operators AND & OR can be used to combine those criteria. Then, the extensive reporting capabilities built into Globanet Classify provide in-depth views into that data.

Data Retention:

This data categorization tool can be used throughout the information life-cycle, and is particularly useful in the data retention and compliance realms. When a company becomes newly subject to data retention regulations or when regulations change, it is important that these new records schedules be applied to all data, because the penalties for noncompliance range from warning letters to multi-million dollar fines and business closure. Globanet Classify automates the categorization or re-categorization of data stored in Enterprise Vault. It allows you to apply records schedules to documents based on specific criteria such as file types, authors, dates or date-ranges, keywords within the body of the documents, or any other indexed aspects of the files.

Deletion of expired data or data not otherwise subject to retention is a key aspect of retention plans that is often overlooked. Whereas classification of legacy data is a one-time activity, deletion is ongoing. So, Globanet Classify can be configured to run on a scheduled basis. IT staff can focus on other tasks with the assurance that the system will identify data for deletion, then report the results. The tool can automatically delete the data, or the workflow can include manual final authorization.


Many of the industries that are subject to retention regulations are also subject to compliance regulations. Banking, health care, energy and securities are just a few of the industries that must remain vigilant about the content and use of their data. Globanet Classify is designed to facilitate compliance related tasks.

Pattern searches can identify protected personal information, such as social security and credit card numbers, allowing an organization to segregate those documents as needed. The full text search feature can also help to identify non-compliance with communication policies, while metadata searches can identify communication patterns between internal personnel or among those same personnel and external parties. This information provides an organization with the opportunity to proactively address potential legal issues, to lower its risk exposure.

With Globanet Classify, users can make informed decisions about the retention or disposition of data, and can mitigate potential data-related risks across the organization.

For more information about Globanet Classify please contact Globanet at (888) 427-5055 or click here to request a proof of concept.

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