Slack, Powering the Grid and Merge1

Globanet travelled to San Francisco on January 31 for its partner Slack’s launch of their new product Enterprise Grid, a productivity, messaging and communication platform made for large businesses (up to 500,000 users) with strict compliance requirements.

The launch event, promoted as “Powering the Grid”, showcased Enterprise Grid’s design, usage and administration of multiple, interconnected Slack workspaces.

Enterprise Grid, Slack emphasized, is a fresh approach to accelerating business productivity on a grand scale by transforming workflows and enabling teams to work and communicate within and across enterprise departments.

IBM, SAP, Google, Capital One and others presenting at the event touted Slack’s ability to allow clients to create and review activities and achievements, with supervisors seamlessly providing feedback on those actions, without having to break from the work they’re already doing within Slack.

Globanet proudly attended the launch to support its partner Slack. The two companies work closely together with Globanet’s Merge1 product capturing Slack data into any archive; Slack recognized Globanet on a slide to this effect during its presentation. 

FINRA and HIPAA compliant, with privacy certifications such as SOC 2 and SOC 3, Slack’s Enterprise Grid is especially geared for large financial, healthcare and other companies – those with complex regulatory compliance, eDiscovery and data management requirements – that Merge1 captures Slack messages from.  

Click here to learn about Merge1 for Slack and here for the Merge1 Slack app.