Q&A With Our CEO About His World Tour


Q: Can you tell us about the trip you just took?
I just returned from a 6-week trip where I was researching new trends and meeting with our product developers in different countries to see how we can become more globalized. I travelled throughout Asia, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East and met with some of the most talent product developers that were in tune with the trends in their regions.
Q: What did you discuss with your team overseas?
Globanet’s international team has been working on new products and services that will revolutionize archiving and migration. Our hope with these new products is to make it easier for consumers to use and understand. Our goal for next year is to reach clients globally and to be well versed in their trends. 
Q: What global trends did you notice?
One extremely popular communication tool overseas is WhatsApp which is a messaging platform. We are eager to add applications like Whats App and WeChat to our list of connectors to Merge1. These messaging platforms provide ease of communication for international relationships. Another trend our tech developers have noticed is that everything is turning to the cloud. This transition has created a lot of business opportunities for us because many companies are in the need for migration from their onsite archive source to a cloud based archiving source. We will be taking all these into consideration when creating new products for our consumers. Our goal is to ensure efficiency and affordability while delivering the best.
Q: What has been happening at Globanet headquarters while you were away?
Since my departure our team has been vigorously working on launching a micro site dedicated to Merge1. It has come to our realization that all companies in all industries can utilize this product.
Q: Can you tell us more about the new site?
Globanet is set to launch an all-new website dedicated to Merge1 in the coming days. The new site will be a resource for enterprises looking to learn more about how Merge1 can help with archiving communications for compliance and eDiscovery. Merge1 was designed to help firms easily archive all their communications – social media, IM, chat, text, enterprise collaboration, etc. - and content by using their existing email archive. Merge1 helps with social media archiving, and compliance with legislation from industry regulators, including the SEC, FINRA, and HIPAA. The website will feature content such as videos, and downloadable assets such as Data Sheets. Stay tuned for our announcement about the new Merge1 website, which is launching soon.



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