Network World Spotlights Globanet Merge1 Version 5.0

Globanet is pleased to share that its Globanet Merge1 product (Version 5.0) has been selected for inclusion in the Network World Products of the Week slideshow this week.  The Network World new product slideshow provides a snapshot of new products of interest and value to its readers by focusing on key features.  For Globanet Merge1 Version 5.0 the key feature noted is the new Reuters data capture connector to compliment Social Media, Bloomberg and the other existing connectors.  Network World is a premier source of information, intelligence and insight for Network and IT Executives.  Click here for more Globanet Merge1 information or here to request a Globanet Merge1 quote. 

Thank you Network World for including us!

Globanet Merge1; data capture, Reuters, data archiving, data migration