Archive Jabber Messages for Compliance and eDiscovery

The Jabber instant messaging platform is one of the most popular enterprise IM platforms in use today.

Acquired by Cisco in 2008, Jabber is used by millions of end users around the globe.

Archiving your workforce’s communications taking place over instant messaging networks such as Cisco Jabber is sound business practice that enhances your eDiscovery and helps meet compliance and regulatory requirements (e.g. SEC 17a-4).

Globanet Merge1 compliance message capture software enables organizations to archive messages and communications taking place over the Cisco Jabber network into their existing email archive, whether on-prem (e.g. Veritas Enterprise Vault) or in the cloud (e.g. Microsoft Office365).

Merge1 was designed to take advantage of Jabber’s ‘Archive Database’ feature, which allows organizations to capture conversations locally.  Merge1 parses this data and exports it in a .eml format so that the Jabber-based messages can be ingested by email archives.

Support for Jabber went live with the release of Merge1 v6.0 in July 2016.

Additionally, Merge1’s Auto Update feature works for Jabber messages.  This feature of Merge1 automatically and seamlessly pushes updates to local versions of Merge1 to account for any schema changes made by Cisco to the Jabber messaging platform. This helps future-proof your ability to continuously archive Jabber messages without having to manually upgrade your version of Merge1 software whenever there is a change by Cisco.

To learn more about how Merge1 can help meet your regulatory compliance, eDiscovery and data management requirements, please contact us today.