Getting more into (and out of) EV11

As the diversity of IM and social communications increases, my job is to stay ahead of the pack and I am pleased to report that Globanet’s Merge1 is compatible with the SMTP connector in Enterprise Vault ‘EV11.” Why is this significant and what does it mean for you?

Box, Dropbox and True Archiving

Backup to the cloud or virtual hard-drives – cloud storage by whatever name is a wonderful innovation. But when it’s called an archive, it’s not only wrong, it can be risky. Particularly if you are responsible for your company’s data.

Backing up PSTs to Box or Dropbox or some other cloud drive is certainly prudent. A small company with a relatively few email boxes can use this method rather effectively. As the number of employees grows and things invariably become more complex, a hosting partner such as Rackspace can provide exchange services and also backup the PSTs.

Alternative Messaging Types: The New Normal

Discourse in recent business press included shocked commentary about the complexities of archiving data, particularly the multiple forms of non-email messaging data.

Globanet Goes Green 2014

Globanet goes green! Globanet teamed up with TreePeople and TreeMapLA to give back to the community on Wednesday October 22, 2014. Trees are an important part of the environment and contribute significantly to the reduction of carbon emission. Sevag Ajemian, Founder and CEO of Globanet, is especially dedicated to making the company a greener place to work and promoting eco awareness.

IT Briefcase Spotlights Globanet Merge1 Video

We are pleased to share that our Globanet Merge1 video has been selected for inclusion on the IT Briefcase website.  The video illustrates how Globanet Merge1™, a SaaS compatible message capture platform, collects different data types, such as social media, instant messages, text messages, financial messages and more.

New Globanet Senior Channel Manager

Globanet is pleased to announce the hiring of Ohan Kedjidjian, Senior Channel Manager.  Ohan's primary role will be to work with current Globanet partners and develop strategic alliances with new partners.  The Globanet channel ecosystem continues to grow within the information technology and management industry, and is excited to move forward with the skills and expertise that Ohan offers.

Globanet Migrate 7.0 Featured as Product of the Week on Network World

Globanet Migrate 7.0 was released on 8/1/2014. The product’s advanced features and capability caught the eye of Network World and was featured as product of the week. Globanet Migrate version 7.0 boasts several upgraded features, such as:

·       Data migration speed that is up to 10x faster than previous versions

·       Improved database architecture that increases throughput and scalability

·       Enhanced auto-tuning for a more smooth and efficient migration

Globanet Named a Favorite Place to Work by the Los Angeles Daily News

The Los Angeles Daily News recently named Globanet as a Favorite Place to Work in their annual Reader’s Choice Awards.

The results will be published in Los Angeles Daily News’ annual Readers Choice Award Supplement on August 29, 2014. This year’s award selections were very competitive with over 33,000 people whom casted votes for a limited amount of categories. This is the 15th year that the Los Angeles Daily News has hosted the Reader’s Choice Award, and their website alone boasts a community of over 342,000 readers.

Ouch! IRS Officials Not Archiving Instant Messages and Lost Two Years Worth of Emails

On July 9, 2014, the Wall Street Journal and many other news outlets published articles about the IRS not archiving Microsoft OCS instant messages, which is an older version of Microsoft Lync.  The House Oversight Committee of Congress placed former IRS Director of Exempt Organizations, Lois Lerner, under direct investigation for losing over two years worth of emails, supposedly because her hard drive crashed in 2011.  Republicans have remained vigilant against Lois in not being able to produce those email records in backup tapes as well.

The Future of Cloud Computing with NetSuite

Globanet attended NetSuite World in San Jose, CA for the second year in a row last week.  NetSuite is the world’s leading provider of cloud-based business management software, which combines CRM, ERP, SRP, and Ecommerce management software into one centralized database.  NetSuite sustains thousand of integrations with various software providers to increase the efficiencies of every organization using the platform.  Since implementing NetSuite, Globanet has experienced progressive business transformations across all departments, from improved processes and workfl